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DOWNLOAD: Three Things About College Admissions (I Wish Someone Had Told Me)



I bet you have a question or two. 

When the time came for our second son to begin the application process, my wife and I decided to engage a professional that could help guide our son and provide personal assistance in what has become a highly competitive and complex process. After all, in business I consult experts frequently to make sure our company is doing all the right things to be successful and to mitigate risk – why not the same for my son? For us, the expert we needed was Jessie Martin.  Her impact was immediate. She taught our son how to network with admissions officers, prepare for interviews, and write about himself in way that was authentic and self-assured.  Our son was delighted by the outcome and my wife and I were relieved; and thankful that Jessie was there to guide us every step of the way.

— Ken & Janice, parents


Every student is unique and has a story to tell — but getting that story out can be a tall order amidst the college admissions fear frenzy. But if we are to build an authentic application —and a life—based on purpose, there’s no better place to start.

I’m looking forward to hearing yours.