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DOWNLOAD: Three Things About College Admissions (I Wish Someone Had Told Me)

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You know, there are so many things I wish I had known when we started the process with our first. It would have made all of our lives a lot less stressful.  I've taken the three top things I wish someone had shared with me so that you can skip some of the drama. And, I'm really excited to share the ebook with you.

Three Things About College Admissions (I wish someone had told me)

I can't wait to share firsthand what I've learned with you.







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Jessie & the team at CompassU

Jessie encouraged Robert with just the right amount of pressure to meet his deadlines. She also really took the time to help him write an essay that fit him.

— Robin, parent

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Every student is unique and has a story to tell — but getting that story out can be a tall order amidst the college admissions fear frenzy. But if we are to build an authentic application —and a life—based on purpose, there’s no better place to start.

I’m looking forward to hearing yours.